Thursday 30 October 2014

The 1975 | Medicine

There's no denying The 1975 have had probably one of the most successful years in new music we've seen. It still feels like only yesterday I came across the the band - then playing under a different moniker, all fresh faced and with little direction back in 2011. Fast-forward a few months and they were back performing as The 1975 we know and love today, packing out a Bristol club midway through a tour that was probably to be their last on such an intimate scale. From sold out shows across the world, a multi-million number 1 selling album and countless festival main stage slots, the Manchester foursome have transformed the way they work in to being one of the most proficient bands this generation has seen. With a debut LP so strong almost all of its tracks have been worthy of singles, the band have finally come to its current end of era as they prepare to wind-down what's been a whirlwind campaign before starting work on record number 2. Thankfully for adorning fans they've one final trick up their sleeve returning to share a contribution towards Zane Lowe's Drive rescore which airs in full this evening on BBC Three. And for something that's been so longingly anticipated since the band sharing its artwork on Twitter at the start of this month, it far from disappoints. I mean, let's face it, when have they ever let us down? Expansive pop at its finest, Medicine is another pristine example of their craftsmanship as sweeping synths glisten and pop beneath Healy's crystalline voice. Its never ending depths of emotion showcasing a brilliant contrast to the quite often high flying life they lead. I know I don't need to tell you this but The 1975 really are one of the greatest band's I've witnessed rise from the bottom to the top. This only adding to their weightable evidence.
'Medicine', its title and sentiment, goes all the way back to the original The 1975 project that was based in my bedroom. It's a new piece of music informed by the genesis of our band and our love for 'Drive' as a film. Having the opportunity to rescore a movie of which we were already so familiar with provided us with a sense of knowing and allowed us to be slightly more introspective than we maybe would have been approaching something unknown. The movie itself plays with the duality of resignment and hope - and this is most obvious and stirring in the scenes we chose to score.  The song is a testament to that same idea and has in turn become one of our most personal and best loved pieces of music to date. I won't delve into what the song is about lyrically because frankly I want to put those ideas to bed; but being provided with the context in which 'Medicine' came to be, it allowed the song to become a mausoleum for those ideas, captured, diverted and frozen forever. Which is pretty cool x"  - Matthew Healy

Radio 1 Rescores: Drive, curated by Zane Lowe, will air on BBC Three tonight (Thursday the 30th of October) at 10pm.


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