Thursday 20 November 2014

Alex Burey | Inside World

As the seasons begin to change and a cold wind creeps in, 19 year old Alex Burey returns with his sobering new single 'Inside World'. With talent extending light-years ahead of himself, the South London artists has already impressed with his debut offering Unspoken back in October and fans will be glad to know there seems to be plenty more tricks up the soulster's sleeves. Rich with its dignified blend of clarinet and rousing string sections, Inside World formulates in to the indulgent masterpiece of art we hear before ourselves. Tender and undeniably honest Burey once more delivers a stunningly in-depth approach to his songwriting drawing influence from a plethora of artists listing off from Aphex Twin to Shuggie Otis and Pink Floyd to Outkast. Take a listen above. You can pick up the debut EP ‘Inside World’ from 26th January 2015.

'Inside World' EP Tracklisting:
Dome Creed / Amen / Inside World / The Intimidator

Live Dates
St Pancras Old Church, London - 21st January


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