Tuesday 11 November 2014

Mt. Wolf | Red

It came with a great sadness to hear of Mt. Wolf's rather sudden disbandment at the end of last year when the London outfit decided to call it day. If anything, it took a few months for the news to settle in considering they were one of the UK's most blogged acts on the cusp of much acclaim. Today marks almost a year since that very day and it's with great joy to share a new track by the band as they break their indefinite hiatus returning with 'Red'. Channelling everything we've grown to love about the young collective through haunting atmospherics, they breathe life once more in to their genre-defying sound as layers of floating synths rain down around - each echoed vocal cry soaring over its off-kiltered percussion. In parts, almost African choir-esque, in others, divinity melted in to glittering folktronica. Let's hope the lyrics "I'm Going Away For A Long Time" are referring to the past as we can finally fill the massive void they left behind last November. Stream 'Red' above now.


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