Friday 5 December 2014

Meanwhile | Apples & Oranges

There really does seem to be no limits to Meanwhile's expansive nuances. Launching in to our stratosphere at lightening speed, 23 year old Tom Andrews has managed to capture the vastly expansive sounds of an other-worldly paradise, harnessing them in to this wavering masterpiece in fine style. Taken from his newly released debut EP, 'The Element Yes', Apples & Oranges showcases his most ambitious efforts yet as glazed synths cascade over its glossy percussion and indulgent vocal deliverance. With dashings of small-town boredom, friendship and moving forward spread across the EP's influence, it serves as the perfect ode to an awkward adolescence I'm sure we can all relate to, building on all of life's little lessons. Take a listen above for yourselves.

Meanwhile's debut 'The Element Yes' is available now through Fiction.


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