Tuesday 6 January 2015

MK Grands | Visionary IX

I've featured a fair bit of Australian music on here over the years. From Little May to New Navy, The Griswolds to Gossling. All has been fairly similar though in genre specific terms, nothing really verging on the boundaries of the experimental. Here Sydney based producer Daniel Cartisano aka MK Grands looks set to change all this as he shares his wondrously attractive single Visionary IX. A sultry affair with all things electronic, Cartisano's gleaming falsetto cracks through the ice of its cold exterior to reveal a steamy empowering burner set to the backdrop of its oppressing snares and swamping basslines. Visionary IX really is a track that aches to be replayed time and time again, but don't just take my word for it. Stream it above now - set to be released through new label Morpheme Records.


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