Wednesday 14 January 2015

Silk Cinema | Hope

On record, I think it's safe to say Monday's are probably the most hated day throughout the world. At least that's why I avoid most social media forms for those 24 hours with the barrage of whinging status updates. For me though, Wednesday's are when things tend to go downhill. The midweek slog. That feeling knowing you're exactly halfway between the start and end of the week. No man's land so to speak. Thankfully little gems like this come along though to pick me up. Not much is known about the mysterious new project Silk Cinema, but one thing's for certain, Hope is definitely one of the smoothest track's I've heard to date. From its sultry synth work to house influenced piano strikes and bubbling beat it's the kind of track that could sit so comfortably in your chilled Sunday playlist or party mix ready to hit the town. Throw in some endearing velveteen vocals and you're on to a sure-fire hit. Take a listen above - hopefully the first of many great tracks to come.

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