Monday 19 January 2015

Two Cartoons | Horizon Approaching

Without a doubt, New Zealand natives Two Cartoons produce some of the funnest sunshine radiating melodies I've ever heard. It's hard to comprehend such a wondrous sound comes from just two members, but I guess that all just adds to their inherent talents. Now London-based, the pair return with their latest single Horizon Approaching at just the right time as the big freeze sets in. With resplendent guitars skittering over the track's high energy basslines, each intrinsic layer unveils even more energy than before in such seamless fashion as their sound cumulates in to a gorgeous crescendo of feel-good vibrations. If this doesn't melt the chill in your heart, the uncontrollable dancing that follows almost certainly will. Take a listen above. Horizon Approaching is taken from the duo's forthcoming 'Lost Boys Club' EP, set for release in March. You can download the single for free in excahnge of an email here:


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