Tuesday 17 February 2015

Sundara Karma | Waves

Following on from Sundara Karma sharing their anthemic stadium-ready single, The Night, the Berkshire four-piece return with a third song to be lifted from their forthcoming EP in the form of Waves. Aptly titled with its oceanic sound, it's a track that readily swallows you whole swamping you with its spacious intro before spitting you back out relentlessly. As the enthralling tempo slowly rises so does its vigorous energy as a wall of piercingly sharp guitars slice through the mix with the utmost of force.

Sundara Karma release their debut EP ‘EPI' on 23 February via 203 Recordings. "It's a collection of all the guises we have taken  so far" explains vocalist Oscar Lulu. "We originally wanted to make a concept EP with all sorts of apocalyptic sound effects, but for some reason or another it came out like this. I couldn't really tell you what it is or what it's about as my idea of it changes with each listen, but it's mainly a coming of age record for kids". Take a listen to Waves streaming above.

Live Dates
February 7th  Thirsty at The Bowery District (Reading) - Sundara Karma’s club night  
February 16th  Esquires (Bedford) w/ Darlia  
February 17th   Garage (London) NME Awards show w/ Darlia  
March 7th  Thirsty at The Bowery District (Reading) - Sundara Karma’s club night  
March 10th  Sebright Arms (London) - EP launch  
March 16h  La Cigale (Paris) w/ The Wombats

Sundara Karma are: Oscar Lulu (vocals), Haydn Evans (drummer), Ally Baty (guitarist) and Dom Cordell  (bassist).


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