Wednesday 25 March 2015

Album Review: Magic Man - Before The Waves

'Magic Man - Before The Waves' Tracklisting
1. Texas  2. Apollo  3. Paris  4. Catherine  5. Chicagoland  6. Honey  7. Tonight  8. Every Day  
9. Out of Mind  10. Waves  11. Too Much  12. It All Starts Here

Released: 16 March 2015 via RCA Victor

The accumulation of many years hard work, Boston's Magic Man have systematically hit on to producing almost certainly what's to be the sound of our summer. Since first appearing on my radar around 2-3 years ago the band have consistently upped their game with each encounter, and with their signing to RCA Victor for its UK release, the band look set to bring their scintillating synth-pop sounds to our shores just in time for the warmer months ahead.

Hooked since first hearing their self released material, there's no denying the band's wholly infectious sound and with the new record produced by Alex Aldi (Passion Pit, Holy Ghost!) soaring pop sensibilities are to be expected as their triumphant star-gazing nuances are projected in the best possible light. Long time fans will already be well aware of this with previous singles Texas and blog favourite Paris both making the cut.

There's more this album than a geography lesson though. Stylising themes of love, loss, hope and regret the band's channelling emotions cover a whole range of topics that we each and all face on a daily basis resulting in a hugely relatable record. "Don't you understand that I need you still" echoes Alex Caplow on Apollo. Learning to give up and let go is never an easy feat to achieve yet this outlet seems to be the perfect closure as its transitory atmospherics and perpetual synths hit with the utmost of force. It's this care free danceable aesthetic that runs through the heart of their music creating some incredibly infectious melodies demonstrated beautifully on Catherine and Chicagoland with big hitting drums and jittering synths leaving you enamoured with glee.

As the midpoint nears, Honey sees the band tone things back (at least in their terms) with a slowburning widespread  backdrop of gleaming melodies before quickly picking the pace back up once more on Tonight. With this a collection of new and older material from over the years, Every Day first emerged back in 2013 but with such a timeless sound, something which was already well ahead of itself back then, still sounds as fresh now as the day it was penned. With a sound so futuristic and eyes focused firmly on our stratosphere, it's safe to say Magic Man's blissful electronics are always going to be lightyears ahead of themselves.

Through a whole host of musical influences from across all genres, 'Before The Waves' serves to be the perfect encapsulation of the the quintet's vision, percolated with an array of euphorically soaring rhythms, each track drawing you further and further in to their realm. By the time the final song edges in, the band present possibly their most passionate effort yet with inspirational vocals leading up a subtle crescendo of feel good emotion. What's first thought to be an ironic name considering it's the record's final chapter, It All Starts Here is anything but as you come to the realisation you still have your whole life is ahead of you. The best moments are probably yet to come and with this as the soundtrack, you'll definitely be well on your way to achieving what you've set out to.

Magic Man's 'Before The Waves' is available now released through RCA Victor. The band's latest single 'Texas' will be released here on May 3rd.


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