Monday 23 March 2015

Little xs for Eyes - Logical Love

No matter how hard you try to stay in the loop with popular music there'll always be band's and artist's that manage to evade you. Case in point being Dublin's Little xs for Eyes. Now readying thier second album 'Everywhere Else' for release on April 13th, the band return with their latest single Logical Love, which just so happens to be my first introduction to their joyful sound. Bouncing with voracious melodies comes a gorgeously resplendent offering as the bands mindful creation of glittering guitars and uplifting vocal harmonies comes together to form a force to be reckoned with. Twisting and turning its way with various rhythm change-ups Logical Love serves to be almost certainly one of the most infectious track's I've heard this year, and they've had some pretty tough competition to beat. Check it out below for yourselves. It looks like I have some catching up to do with these.


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