Wednesday 18 March 2015

Rainer - Nocturn

Originally written as an instrumental for Drake's second album, it's no surprise Nocturn bridges the gap seamlessly between sentimental RnB and darkly hinged pop. With pitched down vocals and shadowing synths comes a gorgeously pieced together work of art, all accumulating in to a wonderful pace shifting climax. "I write about love mainly, and the bizarre mixture of emotions that inevitably comes with falling in, being in or falling out of love. Writing is like a therapy through which I realise why I feel the way I do. Some of the songs have an uplifting message in them which is usually the point of realisation that I got to through writing." explains Rebekah Raa. "We both love big pop records as well as records you can just get lost in," continues Nic Nell ."So for the album we wanted to make something big but also intimate that takes you on a bit of a journey through its own world."

Nocturn is taken from Rainer's forthcoming debut album 'Water' due for release May 18th via Kissability / Algebra.


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