Wednesday 25 March 2015

RAINES - Ghosts (Live in Studio)

Following on from the release of his debut single Ghosts at the beginning of this month, RAINES returns with a gorgeous live rendition, truly capitalising on his breathtaking vocals. Stripping out its percussion Mike Nelson delivers on a stunning performance with just the lonesome strike of his piano keys and backing guitar for company. "Ghosts is really important to me, it's about my dreams and my nightmares." explains RAINES of its emotionally burdened conception. "It's about having someone to fight the world with. It's about love and loss, but also the idea that these feelings don't stop just because a relationship does". And live, these feelings are only intensified as its blistering power comes to light in the most wondrous of ways. Having already racked up over 90,000 Soundcloud plays since its upload, there looks to be exciting time ahead for the Liverpool-based artist. Take a watch above and be sure to familiarise yourself with the original below.


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