Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Amazons | Something In The Water

Even at just 24, I'm well rooted in my ways often hating change. Getting hooked on a favourite drink. Oh great, they've pulled if from production. Price increases. Technology advances. And at the top of my list, website updates. When Soundcloud changed to their new layout I spent weeks crying in to my pillow (not srs) over the new auto-play feature and continuous loop of music they deemed as recommendations based on my tastes. No, I really don't want to hear a dubstep remix of Kylie Minogue after listening to some Mac DeMarco. I'm not sure what their algorithm is but it's definitely failing. That was until I streamed an old favourite 'Peers - Football' last night which rolled in to fellow Berkshire residents The Amazons. Producing the unequivocally raw and high energy indie-pop music that I fell in love with many moons ago, the Reading based band bring back all the feelings of why I love running this site. Okay, maybe they didn't send it to me and I might have discovered it anyway but naturally seeking out quality music like this definitely pays rewards. Through euphorically blended guitars and jangling synth lines Something In The Water cries out for attention. Not in a bratty schoolgirl way - more a, sit up and listen because this means business. Check it above!


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