Tuesday 3 March 2015

The Japanese House | Still

The feeling when you hit play on a brand new artist and track to realise you've instantly fallen in love is quite hard to come by these days. With recording and production more accessible than it's ever been, it's inevitable that standing out from the crowd is going to be harder than ever before with the door opened to so much new talent. Cue 19-year old London based artist The Japanese House who I think it's safe to say won't have many problems there wish such profundity coursing through her music. The brainchild of Amber Bain, Still is about as perfect as debut's come with its emotive tinted synths, unblemished running incomprehensibly deep amongst her swoonful pained vocals. This really is alt-pop at its finest. Take a listen below.

Still is taken from The Japanese House's debut EP, ‘Pools To Bathe In’ due for release on 27th April through Dirty Hit.


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