Wednesday 15 April 2015

Bloom - Oceans

It's truly still amazing, how to this day, new music continues to have such a hold and far-reaching effect on me. The way certain notes slide together like a perfectly matched jigsaw. The way individual melodies swell and burst in to euphoric bouts of feel good emotion. Surely we've heard it all by now, am I right? I guess not though as Exeter's Bloom sprawl on to the scene with their broody debut single, Oceans. Readily emerging from its throbbing bassline intro, delivering a warm blend of skittering percussion and scintillating guitars the band demonstrate in fine style their promising talents. With heavy hearts delivering even weightier lyrics the four-piece quickly fire up in to a rapturous crescendo as their immersive sounds come to an energising climax leaving us eager and yearning for more. With appetites whet hopefully this is the first of many great tracks to come. Check it out below for yourselves.


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