Tuesday 28 April 2015

Jaws - Bad Company

Any keen reader of the ours will know that we've featured Brummie foursome JAWS a heck of a lot since they first appeared on to our radar. In what felt like a lifetime coming, the band's debut album 'Be Slowly' finally hit shelves last September beautifully showcasing their luscious pop sensibilities and slacker vibes in fine style. Ready to shed that skin and evolve in to more grungier territories though, the band return with their heavy hitting new single Bad Company. Breaching out in to a greater sense of diversity with gritty guitars and convulsive percussion, the band's latest effort offers an insightful look to what possibilities lay ahead. Take a listen below for yourselves. 

Bad Company will be self-released on June 8th.

Live Dates 
May 23rd | Common People Festival, Southampton
May 24th | Weird Era Weekender, Wakefield
May 30th | Camden Rocks Festival, London
June 6th | Jubilee Club, Birmingham
June 21st | 110 Above Festival, Leicestershire
July 18th | Truck Festival, Oxfordshire


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