Tuesday 21 April 2015

Korallreven - Limitless

Thinking back to my very early days as a blog, Korallreven were one of the first acts I ever wrote about here back in 2010. Although, when I say wrote, I basically just uploaded an mp3 to the site. My days as a thoughtful writer back then were shady to say the least. Things have moved on a hell of a lot since then, not least to mention my ability to string a sentence or two together but Korallreven have seen a colossal advancement in sound. Directed by André Jofré, the Swedish duo return with their latest video to coincide with new single Limitless. Almost perfectly capturing the track's perpetuated synths and distinct Nordic feel, watch on as a chance hitchhike journey materialises in to euphoric night on the tiles. "It's a dark story about having too much fun." explains Jofré. "The story also really depends on the viewer, something I really like. Aesthetically, we've essentially taken Drive and swapped out Gosling with Willy Wonka". Take a watch below.

Limitless is taken from Korallreven's second album, 'Second Comin', recently out via Cascine/Sony Music.


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