Wednesday 8 April 2015

The Japanese House - Teeth

Still only in her infancy stage, The Japanese House has already built up the confidence I'd normally only expect from well established artists, all to a point where I'd happily share her music without giving it the once over beforehand. Following on from sharing last month's rather reserved EP title track Pools To Bathe In, Amber Bain returns once more with another delectable atmospheric offering, showcasing a slightly more upbeat nature to her swirling pop nuances. Filled with the absorbing intricate details we've become accustomed to as each track from the forthcoming EP has been tentatively teased, Teeth's warming synth palette and enthralling basslines only go to set in stone how arresting her dynamic minimalism can be. Dive right in to its expansive depths below.

Teeth is taken from The Japanese House's debut EP, ‘Pools To Bathe In’ due for release on 27th April through Dirty Hit.


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