Thursday 14 May 2015

Lucky - You Are The One

On paper, relationships can be a wonderful entity. In reality though, they often paint a very different picture with the whirlwind of emotions that usually get caught up in all the chasing and games we play. Yet, for some reason or other, we continue to put ourselves through the turmoil of finding the perfect all encompassing 'one', if just for the fleeting moments of happiness it will achieve. Describing their debut song as "a raw testament to the vulnerability and fear of intimacy surrounding a powerful new love; the rollercoaster of falling head-over-heels" London-based trio Lucky sprawl in to the limelight with their slinky mid-tempo melodies, effortlessly capturing this image as they lay down their cards with some intoxicating heart-on-sleeve lyricism. Indulge in their debut offering for yourselves below.


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