Wednesday 20 May 2015

Occupanther - Hermit (feat. Tobias Palerne)

Electronic in parts. Vastly orchestral in others. New producer Occupanther based out from Munich surely has an eye for detail in his latest single Hermit. Whilst its title may suggest a closed off affair, reclusive in nature, its capaciously pieced together backdrop of smouldering synths and stuttering percussion serve to be a real aural treat. Retaining its dignified composure throughout, Hermit softly teeters on the edge of emotive expansiveness as its instrumentation elegantly swells towards its haunting finale. A true work of art.

 Hermit is taken from Occupanther's forthcoming debut EP entitled 'Chimera', due for release May 22nd. 

Chimera Tracklisting 
01 Down // 02 Hermit (feat. Tobias Palerne) // 03 Color // 04 Chimera (feat. Claire) // 05 Hannah


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