Tuesday 2 June 2015

Clean Cut Kid - Vitamin C

Sounding like nothing you've ever heard before, Liverpool's Clean Cut Kid emerge on to the scene with a sprawling debut effort in the form of finely tuned Vitamin C. Stuttering in to life with jazzy guitar lines soaked in clunky feedback, it doesn't take long for things to quickly pop off as their funky basslines and aspirantly driven vocals take a hold. An ode of sorts to getting on with life despite all the faults and wrong doings you may encounter along the way - sometimes it's just nice to embrace the journey and go along with things in the best possible light. "If your life ain't happening how you planned it. I feel your pain, I can understand it" is the longing acceptance many of us crave. Built upon solid foundations of feel-good hooks and infectious choruses the band's effervescent charm set amongst their experimental teetering provide the perfect pick-me-up that'll be sure to kick-start your ambitions. Shake off that dead weight and jump right in to the aspirational little number below.

Vitamin C will be released July 24 through the band’s own Babe Magnet Records/ Polydor. The band play The Social, London on June 9th.

 Clean Cut Kid are Mike Halls, Evelyn Halls, Saul Godman and Ross Higginson.


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