Wednesday 10 June 2015

Day Wave - We Try But We Don't Fit In

When you've had a stressful as shit day, topped off by spilling a full to the brim cup of Coke from McDonalds in the car, I can always count on Day Wave to ease away the troubles. Returning in April with a scintillating blast of feel good euphoria in Drag, Jackson Phillips is back once again with another delightfully upbeat slice of pop perfection. Encased in his hazy dream-like colourings, We Try But We Don't Fit In serves to be a blissful ode to all our imperfections and fuck ups, teaching us to embrace them not giving a damn - something I'm sure we could all hope to achieve a lot more of in our lives. Take a listen below for yourselves.

We Try But We Don't Fit In is taken from Day Wave's debut EP entitled 'Headcase' due ouyt on July 17th. 


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