Tuesday 28 July 2015

Dorj - Don't Care

YoYo's. Pokémon. Whilst trends often come and go, one I've noticed of recent that I'm hoping will stick is a big uptake in emails from Tel Aviv based artists. Especially if all the music's on this level. Sharing his debut solo single Dorj takes a confident step in to the musical world with Don't Care, a track that thrives off its pulsating bass. Dig a little deeper and there's a real sentimental element here as moments of electronic bliss shine light on his almost acapella vocals. "I have grown increasingly fascinated by the artistry of strong lyrical presence sitting on top of abstract electronic sounds" explains Dorj. "In recent years, my entire musical attention has shifted to the outpouring of electrical music, beats and sounds, that are both abstract and yet simultaneously very grounded". Take a listen to Don't Care below.

Dorj will release his 'FORGETMOVEONDONTCARE' EP later this year whilst also playing the Notting Hill Arts Club in London on Wednesday 29th July.


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