Wednesday 29 July 2015

Ten Fé - Make Me Better

Following a slight name change inspired by their recording sessions in Berlin with producer Ewan Pearson, Ten Fé return with their anthemic new track, Make Me Better. With some time away following their debut singles the duo's invigorated sound is back bigger than ever as their larger than life percussion and uplifting string sections send ripples of excitement throughout. With a slight hint of the early Britpop era coursing through its veins, mixed in with their stunning vocal harmonies and unique song structuring comes a stunning return, one that's more than whet my appetite for what's to come in the form of a debut LP.

Live dates
Sept 05 - Electronic Beats City Festival, Podgorica
Sept 19 - The Louisiana, Bristol
Sept 23 - St Pancras Old Church, London
Sept 25 - The Reepherbahn Festival, Hamburg
Oct 02 - Electronic Beats City Festival. Bucharest
Oct 16 - Electronic Beats City Festival, Budapest
Nov 06 - Electronic Beats City Festival, Zagreb


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