Monday 10 August 2015

BANNERS - Shine A Light

Who'd have thought a name change could have such a profound effect on ones music. Emerging with his endearing debut Ghosts back in March this year, Banners (formerly known as Raines) made quite the impression as his unfathomable depths took a hold through slow-burning melodies and heavy rolling keys. Back under his new moniker it seems the power in his music has been amped with an injected shot of pure adrenalin as Shine A Light wastes no time in quickly whipping you in to a hurricane. "The song is about feeling lost at sea and desperately searching for a beacon of light" explains Banners. "It's about waiting for that one big wave to finally pull you under while clinging on to that one last ray of hope. It's a song to the person in your life that offers salvation while the storm is raging around you". Filled with its invigorating percussion and soaring choruses, Shine A Light is a true force to be reckoned with, one that's sure to put Banners on the map - not that he already isn't making tracks himself with a proud place soundtracking the FIFA 2016 Legends trailer and 150,000+ streams on his debut alone.


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