Tuesday 25 August 2015

TOTEM - Unrequited

Having impressed hugely on previous single All Falls Down, Atlanta-based artist TOTEM is back with his huge follow up, Unrequited. Whilst the last outing saw his vocals backed with a dazzling beat filled with bubbling energy, this time around he's allowed sufficient breathing space showcasing the vast dynamic range he possesses. "I decided to write the song "Unrequited" about two things" explains TOTEM. "First, I wanted to put myself in the shoes of girls in situations where I fucked up. Ultimately, they were better off and I was left wanting them back. Second, I wanted to write a sort of fantasy account from my own perspective about women that haven't treated me the greatest. There's a darkly invigorating power in refusing to take someone back that's at the center of it all. Like real life, I kept the song open ended too. You never quite know whether the end result is personal catharsis or just a game itself". Take a listen for yourselves below. Unrequited is taken from TOTEM's upcoming EP "Echoes" due Oct 9th.


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