Thursday 17 September 2015

Banoffee - With Her

No matter how hard you try and keep on track with new music, certain artists will still always slip by unnoticed. Take Banoffee for one. With a little search I've unearthed a string of sensual electronic works of art by the Australian based artist, yet With Her is the first to reach me today. Taken from her upcoming second EP 'Do I Make You Nervous?’, her latest effort comes filled with emotively hinged melodies, honest lyricism and an incredibly cool and refreshing accompanying video. Expansive yet fully wholesome, With Her is as gorgeous of introductions to someones music as there could be -  it looks like I've got some catching up to do. Take a listen below for yourselves.

'Do I Make You Nervous?’ will be released October 2nd on Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.


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