Wednesday 9 September 2015

Live Review: Mac Demarco, Motion Bristol 08/09/2015

The unmistakable smell of sweat. Sky high temperatures and overcrowding. One small bar at the back. It can only indicate the start of one thing. The Autumn gig circuit. With a summer filled with live music it's all too easy to get acquainted with the good weather (I wish) and outdoor atmosphere, with it coming the fresh air and wide open space. It takes some time getting used to being crammed in like sardines again at venues built long before air-con became a standard necessity and yet we continue to battle through. It's a love hate relationship, but on night's like this, it's clear to see why the love keeps bringing us back time and time again.

Decked front to back with almost all of Bristol's hipster population (what else is to be expected at a Mac DeMarco show) the atmosphere inside reached electrifying heights. Each attempt by a roadie to readjust something onstage was met with deafening roars as the crowd eagerly anticipated the band's emergence.When they finally appeared through the stage smoke the place erupted jumping around to Mac's jangly guitar notes, bodies and arms flailing loosely around the place. Wasting no time in setting the tone for the rest of the evening ahead, the band promptly unveiled The Way You'd Love Her from his recent mini LP. And whilst the majority of the night was filled with tracks from his mellow new record, old favourites certainly didn't go unnoticed. Just about managing to hold on to my drink as the crowd profusely threw themselves about to Salad Days amongst its mass “la-la-la-la-la-la” singalong and Ode To Viceroy's bluesy guitar solos, it was safe to say the party atmosphere was well in good spirits.

By the sets midway point the band had amassed themselves quite the collection of onstage gifts thrown in admiration. Some appreciated more than other I suspect; pierce's new bra for one. Others not so much; a cold pint of beer to the face to which Mac remains nonreactive to in good jest. From flower ornations and sunglasses to a tube of Bonjela's finest teething gel (the crowd enticingly chanting "eat it"), anything and everything was thrown in. The same said for the band too as they gave it their all vibing through the hits in the finest of fashions.

Amongst all the tomfoolery and band's comedic stage banter it's all too easy to forget their incredibly tight playing abilities. Whilst the sound bounced around the high ceilings and stone walls (sadly infringing on its quality at times), they managed to hold things together as all was but forgotten when the audience were launched in to The Stars Keep Calling My Name and its jittering lead guitar solos. Rounding up on one of my favourites, Still Together (the live version being all the more engrossing with its Andy White solo and enthralling chorus), the band's maturing rate or play doesn't seem to be slowing anything down as the crowds rowdy nature became a tell-tale sign of the night's level of enjoyment.

Mac DeMarco continues his UK tour at the following dates:
09-10 Birmingham, UK - The Institute - SOLD OUT
09-12 Manchester, UK - Beacons Metro Festival - SOLD OUT


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