Wednesday 16 September 2015

TOTEM - Comfortable

Looking set to make it a plain-sailing hatrick with his third consecutive track, Atlanta-based artist TOTEM returns with his latest single Comfortable, effortlessly demonstarting his vast talents once more. Setting alight the track's soaring percussion and scintilating backdrop built from skittering synths and basslines, TOTEM's dynamic vocal range lifts to dizzying heights as each chorus swells to euphoric levels. "There’s always been a pressure to settle down or just plain settle" explains TOTEM. "It goes for relationships, careers, what restaurant you go to, really most things in life. I’ve seen a lot of people do it: go deeper and deeper into something that’s safe and “fine, I guess” and soul crushingly boring. Everybody wants to find ‘the one’ at some point, but how can you do that if you’re scared to go out and find it? Or try and fail? How will you know what 'great' feels like if you never leave ‘good' behind? “Comfortable” is about a relationship that’s in dire need of a spark, but the sentiment behind it is about how that can be true in most facets of our lives. And we should never let it be". Take a listen for yourselves below.

Comfortable is taken from TOTEM's upcoming EP "Echoes" due Oct 9th.


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