Thursday 26 November 2015

Video: Grace Mitchell - NoLo

"And you gotta know low if you wanna get high". I've never been properly introduced to Grace Mitchell. This is in fact my very first listen but it's okay to play it on repeat all night long, right? There's something about her music that's cased in familiarity. Whether it's her perfected pop sensibilities or the track's simple fun melodies, NoLo is everything you'd expect from out and out all thrills pop song. With huge choruses, a sultry unique vocal delivery and some neat production skills the official clip below captures its essence in wondrous care-free style. Take a watch/listen for yourselves.

Live Dates 
December 2/12 - London, UK - Notting Hill Arts Club
December 3/12 - London, UK - The Lexington

Grace Mitchell’s 'Raceday' EP is out now via Casablanca / Republic Records.


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