Wednesday 9 December 2015

Video: Leif Erikson - Looking For Signs

The worst part (obviously from a selfsih standpoint) with a band signing to a label is all their old songs instantly getting pulled from any online streaming. Whilst I'm not entirely sure on the band's current status it most certainly weighs up with this probability following their short disappearance after first posting about them almost 12 months previous. The good news is said tracks will most likely return at a later date with plenty more offerings but in the meantime they're back with a very slight name change and brand new video to their first (official) single. Described by singer Sam as "a song about growing up in doubt, and not knowing where you - and society in general - is going", take a watch of Leif Erikson's debut video to Looking For Signs below - you can read what I had to say on the track here.

Leif Erikson will confirm details of their first official release in early 2016.


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