Wednesday 20 January 2016

Bird Dog - Dogs

Wednesday's. Probably my most hated day of the week. Whilst I'm one of the rare folk who actually enjoys a Monday, the middle of the week no-man's-land that is a gruelling Wednesday drags to no end. Tracks like this make it all the worthwhile though. I just wish I'd listened before I headed to work. Filled with a dizzying optimism through swirling vocals and quirky synth notes the track's rousing energy brings with it a shimmering brilliance. Taken from LA-outfit Bird Dog’s forthcoming debut EP Misty Shrub, Dogs offers a wondrous insight in to their tightly compact sound as each layer unravels as we crescendo towards its soaring finale. Check it out below.

The band's EP will be released Friday, January 22 via National Anthem.


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