Monday 25 January 2016

Wyldest - Stalking Moon

Whilst 2015 wasn't exactly a thrilling year for me in terms of new music, there was a small handful of artists continually atop of their game, building from their foundations up striding ever towards supremacy. What Zoe Mead, Holly Mullineaux and Jack Gooderham have achieved over the recent months has been this to a tee as each release showcases a lasting advancement in sound, their latest effort no different. From its airy vocals and expansive soundscapes the track's rising atmosphere through indulgent guitar notes and soaring melodies brings with it huge promise for the year ahead. "I wrote this song on acoustic guitar in 2014 and it was lonely and mellow but it isn’t a song about being lonely at all" explains Mead. "It’s about people. Almost always there’s something interesting or dark lurking underneath every persona. It’s about hiding secrets and hunting for secrets in others." Lose yourself in its light-speed shifting sounds below.

Stalking Moon is the second single to be taken fromt he band's debut EP, 'Dark Matter' due March 2016 through Hand In Hive.

Live DatesServant Jazz Quarters, London - Monday 21 March


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