Monday 8 February 2016

Blooms - Give Me Up

Renown for her sensual and broody efforts, Blooms returns with another fine single in the form of Give Me Up. Filled with her signature darkened RnB tones, the tracks sparsity and swelling rhythms make for desire soaked backdrop of pure indulgence. Louise Cunnane's first release of 2016 looks set to follow up last years insatiable creations as she breaks news of her upcoming EP, 'Interim', Give Me Up being the first track to be shared. "I don't like to harbour bad feeling but Give Me Up was definitely written in a moment of anger and desperation" explains Cunnane. "I really wanted to be out of a particular situation and I didn't feel strong enough to make that decision for myself and so I had to ask someone else to do it, to give me up, let me go, make it stop". Listen for yourselves below.


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