Tuesday 23 February 2016

Mt. Wolf - Anacrusis

Is there anything Mt. Wolf can do wrong? It appears not with a continuous stream of such a high calibre of work. Following on from last year's Hex, the trio return with Anacrusis, another pristine effort taken from their forthcoming 'Hex' EP, released through CRC Music on 25th March 2016. With Sebastian Fox's falsetto vocals acting as its guiding light once more, the track's swelling guitars and thunderous percussion slowly fill the haunting space within as we're thrown head-first in to its cathartic crescendo. Said to be about "convalescence and rebirth from a dark place with the help of someone else" Anacrusis is another wonderful and intricately detailed work of art from a band that continues to give. Take a listen for yourselves below.

Live Dates
10/03/16 The Hotel Cafe, LA
16/03/16 Tiniest Bar in Texas, SXSW
17/03/16 The Continental Club
10/05/16 Oslo Hackney, London


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