Monday 29 February 2016

Only Girl - Salvation

Following on from Young Blood, a track that saw Ellen Murphy divulge her dazzling pop sound to maximum effect, she returns here with the latest to be lifted from the forthcoming 'Young Blood' EP sharing Salvation. More soulful than its predecessor, Murphy takes the reigns on what's a glorious piano led masterpiece scattered with Gospel-like qualities. Shining an uplifting light on what's essentially a song written about the hope and endearment you often find in the darkest of places, Salvation goes a long way to showcase just why I've fallen head over heels for her blossoming sounds. "This song is about being at a real low point in life and looking for someone for save you, to pull you back from the edge" explains Murphy. "After going through so much in dealing with my husband's traumatic brain injury 4 years ago, this song is my way of saying ‘Look I'm totally broken, but we don't belong down here in the darkness, and I need you to help me believe that things can get better’. It's understanding that when you go through such a traumatic experience with someone, they may be the only one who can bring you back and give you some kind of salvation”. Take a listen for yourselves below.

Salvation is taken from the forthcoming 'Young Blood ' EP, released March 11th via Akira Records & supported by PRS Foundation for Music.

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