Thursday 25 February 2016

Soleima - Once Was

Whilst synth-pop in the general terms has pretty much dried up of any excitement and diversity, Soleima (pronounced so-lye-mah, in case you were having trouble like me) manages to unearth breathtaking new ground with her stunning new single Once Was. From the Danish artist's unique vocal effects, to the track's huge production with a chest thumping bass backed with skittering percussion, its slow crescendo climaxing in wondrous style proves my case in point. "Sometimes the Internet inspires me when I write songs" explains Soleima. "It's somehow become natural to interact in a rapid, and flighty way. I do it myself all the time. 'Once Was', on some level is about how this can feel. In a way you're always able to be in more than once place at the same time. But equally, you are never really only with one person at one time. To me, this is a song written to a friend and not a lover, even though many might think it is a love song. I guess it represents a very universal feeling that might occur in many different relationships though - and can be relevant to anyone really". Take a listen below for yourself.


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