Friday 11 March 2016

LANY - Where The Hell Are My Friends

"40 million in California and no one cares if I stay". I often get the same thoughts, though not in as glamorous surroundings. Having lived in not so sunny Swansea for most of my life, aside from a brief stint away for University, this dead end city has slowly ground me down until I have nothing but resent for the place. I could happily leave tomorrow and not have a single care in the world about seeing anyone from here ever again, family excluded of course. It would seem LANY have had similar feelings as they return with their new single Where The Hell Are My Friends. For anyone who's been following their sound over the years it's great to have them back as they head up another breezy west-coast inspired classic that's popping with those translucent synths and funky basslines we've grown to love. Having now signed to Polydor things begin to heat up nicely, this latest effort being the perfect introduction to their next chapter. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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