Friday 25 March 2016

Lyon Apprentice - Alice

This time 2 years ago the blog was rife in Australian music. One of which such acts was Fairchild and it looks like they have a new project as brother duo Lyon Apprentice emerge with their latest single Alice. From its beguiling vocals and rumbling bassline intro comes a gorgeous effort as its glittering guitars take a hold. "Alice was a 92 year-old patient of mine when I worked as an exercise physiologist" explains Adam. "We became good friends. She often told stories of her late husband’s experiences in WWII as an RAF Lancaster bomber pilot and how he died of cancer five years after the war ended, leaving her with four children. Reflecting on her marriage, she once told me ‘when I feel this way, I learn to walk on’ and the line stuck with me. Perseverance is a quality I admire and my conversations with Alice always left me humbled, grateful and inspired". Take a listen for yourselves below.

Live Dates
29th April – Soup Kitchen, Manchester


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