Wednesday 6 April 2016

Bruce O Yates - Helen

A chance encounter with his band Famy in 2011 supporting Wu Lyf made for a very valuable reason to arrive at shows early. Having become fully engrossed in their music since, it's wonderful news to learn of a side-project by singer Bruce O Yates come in to fruition. Following on from previous cut Sisyphus shared online last month, and having since joined up with producer Charlie Andrews, Helen marks its bluesy entrance in grandiose style. Girl leaves Boy. A story covered a thousand times before but never with such intricate emotion and detail. "This project is about the comparisons between Rock n roll and the Homeric Hero." explains Bruce in an email. "Its an attempt at recognising what makes classic art and trying to recognise how consistent the Western canon has been. For me both Rock n roll and Homer inspire a sense of noble simplicity and calm grandeur. Primary colours. Cut from marble". Take a listen for yourselves below.

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