Wednesday 6 April 2016

Plaitum - Jagwa

With a sound forming a hybrid crossover between Chvrches, Grimes and iamamiwhoami, Plaitum return with their latest single Jagwa. Filled with haunting synth pad textures and a soaring vocal alignment, Jagwa proves to be another fine slice of darkened electronic pop from the Colchester-based duo. "Most of the Jagwa EP was written in my bedroom over a weekend." says Canham. "We took loads of Pro Plus and stayed up for three days writing. The songs got weirder the longer we were awake - at one point Abi just played a really loud droney noise for about half an hour on my microKORG and we both thought it was amazing. I listened back the next day and it was just white noise". Take a listen below for yourselves. You can Pre-Order the new EP here:


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