Monday 6 June 2016

PLAZA - Blood Orange

Following on from their recent single Totem, PLAZA return with their latest effort, Blood Orange. Incorporating their snappy guitars the band take things down a notch or two in terms of their new slacker sound. That doesn't mean for a moment though it lacks in energy, soon discoverable as its swaying guitars and lofty vocals give way to the clash of percussion and onslaught of thrashing melodies. Still amongst their infancy years the band clearly know where they're heading, this latest effort only solidifying this. Take a listen for yourselves below.

Live Dates
June 13thMaguire’s Pizza Bar, LIVERPOOL
June 14th The Victoria, LONDON
June 15th -Koh Tao, MANCHESTER
June 16th The Rocking Chair, SHEFFIELD
June 17thThe Packhorse, LEEDS
June 18thWestgarth Social Club, MIDDLESBOROUGH
June 23rd  Lisbon-Upon-Tyne, NEWCASTLE (Boat Party s/ Lisbon)
August 20thThe Water Rats, LONDON (AMBY Summer Showcase)


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