Wednesday 1 June 2016

Video: Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Mayflies

Following his emotional return, Benjamin Francis Leftwich shares his latest clip to new single Mayflies. Often in life we can all be accused of letting our lives flash before our eyes, not taking in the moment more focused on trying to change things that really have no bearing on us. "Mayflies fuck and they die. Everything is so wrong yet so perfect" states Leftwich. It's brutal and honest. Directed by Jake Jelicich he goes on to explain the video's conception. "Referencing the final hours of a party before everything is frozen in time. It’s the snapshot of a night where everyone is caught up in the present, living their own adventures unbeknown the world is ending. The idea was to capture the feeling of exhilaration and hope for the future that we all sense in the moment, contrasted with the reality check of dawn". Take a watch for yourselves below.

Mayflies is taken from Benjamin Francis Leftwich's forthcoming album 'After The Rain'. Available to pre-order here -


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