Thursday 14 July 2016

Talos - Your Love Is An Island

It's crazy how fast time flies. In the blink of an eye over 2 years have gone by since I first came across Talos through a chance encounter when my car CD player broke and I was forced to listen to the late night radio. Following up his debut single Tethered Bones with the equally fragile In Time and Bloom, the Irish wunderkind disappeared from our radars almost as quickly as his emergence. It's with great joy then to have him back with his latest single which of course elicits the same tantalising emotions he's known to beseech. From its sparse guitar intro and haunting vocal alignment, right through to the track's soaring crescendo finale, Your Love Is An Island is about as good as comebacks get. "Your love is an island, I’m scorched in the sands of it…". "The image described in the last lines sum up what the song is about for me - the struggle to find that sense of peace that only comes from attaining ones dreams and desires" explains Eoin French. "The idea of being so close but still so far from salvation - and not knowing if you'll ever really find it even if reached". Take a listen below for yourselves.

'Your Love Is An Island' is available now released through Feel Good Lost. 


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