Thursday 15 September 2016

Middle Kids - Edge Of Town

It's funny how we always come up with our own preconceptions on things will turn out. By mid-September I truly thought summer would be over, yet we're baking in an unusual end of year heatwave. I thought I would've rejoined the gym by now after my last membership expired in June, but nope I'm more lazy than ever before. I also thought the new music would have picked up and be pouring in but alas my inbox is about as bleak as my bank account hours before payday. Thankfully after a search online I was able to have my faith slightly restored thanks to the invigorating and downright refreshing single from Australia's Middle Kids. With a vocal line that's perfectly poised amongst the track's high energy, Edge Of Town serves a whole concoction of musical styles and tempos, all coming together to form one of the most addictive single's I've heard this year. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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