Thursday 1 September 2016

Ten Fé - Turn

Continuing to astonish with their changeable stylistics, London based Ten Fe return with their latest single, Turn. Back with dazzling guitars and swanky lyricism, the pair showcase a refining sound that continues to take greater strides towards perfection. Take a listen to their latest effort for yourselves below giving a welcoming glimpse to their forthcoming debut album, expected for release in January through Some Kinda Love/PIAS.

Live Dates
23/09 Reepherbahn Festival                     Hamburg, Germany, 
25/09 Dice Festival                                   Ultrect, Holland       
30/09 LIDO Indie Kollektiv Party Berlin   Germany,       
01/10 Way Back When Festival                Dortmund, Germany,           
08/10 Neighbourhood festival                   Manchester, UK,       
26/10 Rough Trade East                           London, UK
17/11 Vega's New Crush                          Copenhagen, Denmark    


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