Thursday 13 October 2016

Album Review: Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow

'Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow' Tracklist
1. Are We Ready? (Wreck)  2. Bad Decisions  3. Ordinary  b4. Gameshow  5. Lavender
6. Fever  7. Invincible  8. Good Morning  9. Surgery  10. Je Viens De La 

Released October 14th through Parlophone

Anyone who's ever been to Glastonbury before will know all too well the treacherous journey one makes between stages through the mud. Add in some torrential rain and it's likely to be a disaster - something I found out for myself as I tripped, feet cemented in place by the dry sticky ground, only my arms free to stop me which inevitably ended up elbow deep in the stuff. That didn't matter. I was on my way to see Two Door Cinema Club play the Pyramid. A show for me that was an incredible comeback for a band that's been away for what's felt like a lifetime.

With their show played off the back of their then recently announced new single Are We Ready? (Wreck), a huge vortex inducing jam filled with tempo shifting guitars and lightening fast percussion, I was excited to hear their new direction and they far from disappointed leaving me filled with intrigue and a keenness to hear the record in full.

Having released two largely similar albums (Tourist History and Beacon), the band knew they had to try something different on this third outing, and something different it is. Releasing a whole new funk driven sound to the world, Two Door send a scattering of glittered guitars and scintillating melodies across the audio spectrum they reside in, Bad Decisions displaying this 'stayin' alive' swagger in infinite detail.

Elsewhere Gameshow's angsty vocals and lightening-speed synths, through to Fever's elongated guitar intro and bluesy-esque rhythms showcase their huge danceable energy, their 80's inspired disco vibe here for the long haul. It has to be said though, it's a sound that gets tiresome. And rather quickly too. With such played out sounds there's only so far they can take it and with limited originality things are slow to get moving as they break no new ground. Invincible and Surgery being a case in point as two tracks that cease to fill you with much in the form of inspiration. The Irish trio are kind enough to bow out on a high as Je Viens De La picks up the pace once more as Alex Trimble's falsetto gets to grips with the track's disco-balled demeanour, but is it too late?

It's a shame that their most polished album to date is also their safest in terms of expanding in to new territories. I guess they'll always have their live set to fall back on as 'Gameshow' fails to deliver much in terms of wow factor falling victim to a melange of mediocrity.

Two Door Cinema Club will release their third album 'Gameshow' on October 14th through Parlophone. You can Pre-Order it here.


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