Monday 3 October 2016

Live Review: Jamie T - Cardiff Students Union, 02/10/2016

As far as Sunday's go, it's been a long time since I've found myself amongst such a rowdy, beer and sweat infused audience. Having recently released his fourth studio album 'Trick' to much critical acclaim, the Wimbledon-based artist arrived on Welsh soil to deliver a hit packed set-list to a willing and eager crowd.

Proving that even after a brief absence away from the live circuit over the years neither he nor his fans have lost ambition in the slightest, Treays rolling on to stage to an uproar as pints were launched, Jamie joining in with a bottle of water soaking the front row. Diving straight in to Power Over Men the night's energy hit a high and didn't falter. Having long wrote about
boozing on street corners and train station platforms, drugs and feeling resent towards your shitty ex-girlfriend's, his relatable music has transcended far beyond the reaches of the London streets where it was conceived, evidently displayed in the the Welsh capital's sold out room.

With a back catalogue as strong as his with so much to chose from there's no need to save the 'big ones' until last, Operation comes early followed by Salvador - two tracks that could could easily raise the roof as fans bellowed each and every lyric back at the leather jacket clad frontman on stage. With mosh pits formed by the second song alone and a few trying their luck at surfing the crowd, by the time the band switched guitars for synths there was no going back as Drone Strike was delivered with pinpoint lyrical accuracy. It wasn't until we were treated to If You Got The Money and 368 though that the crowd's sing-a-long skills were really tested as swathes of mobile phones reached for the sky, all in the hope of capturing the moment to add to their pixilated Snapchat story.

Notably Jamie's older, slicker and all-round maturer and his music and playing abilities display this, commandeering the stage swaggering from corner to corner to show gratitude to his adorning fans. This only magnified as he took to the mic solo for a lovelorn rendition of Sign Of The Times, his distorted guitar and despondent "I was not enough" lyrics left to echo the room.

As the band rejoined, Trick's Tinfoil Boy showed it had even more to punch than the album version as the already excitable crowd reached a climax as they ebbed and flowed like an ocean to its angsty chorus. Ending an hour and a half show stopping performance with Back In The Game and Zombie, it was evident that he's not lost that magic spark that had me falling in love with his music many years ago. "Look after each other down there" Treays proclaimed down the mic pausing the setlist closer ahead of its climatic finish. No, if anything, that glow has only got brighter and he looked happier than ever before. It begs the question, where next?

Jamie T's fourth studio album 'Trick' is available now through Virgin EMI. He continues his tour at the following dates throughout October:

De Montford Hall, Leicester (5)
Cliffs Pavilion, Southend (6)
Brixton Academy, London (8)
Brixton Academy, London (9)
Brixton Academy, London (10)
02 Academy, Bournemouth (12)
Olympia, Liverpool (13)
O2 Academy, Leeds (15)
O2 Academy, Newcastle (16)
O2 Academy, Glasgow (17)
O2 Apollo, Manchester (20)
O2 Academy, Sheffield (21)
Corn Exchange, Cambridge (22)

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