Tuesday 11 October 2016

Video: Nathan Ball - Right Place

Left desolate with an achingly beautiful finish, Nathan Bell's Right Place is a wonderfully crafted work of art, one that draws me back time and time again. Having always been a sucker for anything with even a glimmer of emotional-toil, the London-based artist covers all bases with his latest effort as its bereft intricate folk melodies quickly gather pace beneath rising percussion and soaring vocal details. "“'Right Place' was written when we’d just got back from a tour - playing shows up in the mountains in France." Nathan explains. "It was an incredible trip for us. When I was back home, I picked up the guitar and started exploring this idea of a ‘right place’, a place where people feel most comfortable and happy. Whether that be a physical location or a headspace - it's a place where people go to find peace and feel free". Take a listen for yourselves below.


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