Saturday 22 October 2016


Photo credit: Vlad Sepetov

Anyone who writes about music will know all too well the struggle we face daily with the email onslaught. I've thought countless times of throwing in the towel - or on the other hand maybe using it to silence needy PR's who deem fit to send 4 follow up emails in the space of 2 days. Sometimes though, through it all, it becomes worthwhile. If it wasn't for this site I probably would never have come across WILDERADO. A breath of fresh air amongst the monotonous music I'm force-fed, the LA-based four-piece return with their expansive new single Bottoms. Said to be the first in a series of off-cuts that didn't quite make their early EP's, the track floats with a spectacular loftiness, all backed with a towering vocal alignment and soaring guitar stricken canvas. Take a listen for yourselves below.


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